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Reform and Reinvention

1970 to the Present

The Age of the Cure

1850 - 1890

The history of Bryce Hospital and mental health care in Alabama is full of great characters and surprising stories. From the impassioned correspondence between Peter Bryce and Dorethea Dix to the creation of patient run newsletter in the 1870s to a former patient magazine in the 1990s, this film will follow the major characters and events that define the institution. Interestingly, even as this documentary focuses on the past, the future of Bryce Hospital is making headlines as the Alabama Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, the State of Alabama, and the University of Alabama debate over the fate of what is left of the original Bryce campus. We will keep our cameras rolling as the Bryce story continues to unfold.

This section of the website will be a work in progress as I collect and organize research in each era. If you have any information to pass along, please email me!

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The Age of Duty & Neglect

1920 - 1970

The Age of Custodial Care

1890 - 1920